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Gas Field Specialists, Inc. handles any and all of your oil and gas field construction needs.

As a Pennsylvania based contractor, we have worked on much of the Marcellus Shale drilling through Northern Pennsylvania into Western New York. Our experience and abilities ensure that your drilling operation goes smoothly and seamlessly. We offer a variety of services that taylor to your pre drilling and post drilling operations.

Oil and Gas Field Construction Services include but not limited to:

Clearing site preparation, lease road construction

Site Preparation Services

  • Clearing, Leveling and site stabilization

  • Road and bridge construction and repair

  • Gravel road construction

  • Levee structures

  • Pit construction

  • Restoration and remediation

  • Environmental remediation services

  • Seeding and mulching

Well-site Abandonment Services include:

Once production is complete, Gas Field Specialists, Inc. offers wellsite abandonment and reclamation services to decommission production facilities, plants, pipelines, wellsites, compressor stations, and related property smoothly and quickly. Planning and project management of your well or oilfield abandonment project ensures responsible, safe, and efficient results.

Well abandonment services

  • Isolation from wellhead and pipeline

  • Nitrogen purge of vessels

  • Reclam-disposal of fluids

  • Transportation and storage of equipment

Reclamation Services

  • Restore site to original contours

  • Soil stabilization

  • Seeding and mulching

Gas Field Specialists, Inc. is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to any of your service needs before, during, and after the drilling operation.

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